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My name is Jake. I'm a quantitative biogeographer, a data visualization enthusiast, an occasional outdoor guide, an enthusiastic teacher, and an okay karaoke singer when the moment feels right. I'm currently a PhD student in the Sunday Lab at McGill University and a fellow in the BIOS2 Program, studying how climate change causes species to move around the world.

Not unlike the organisms I study, I too have shifted my range to cooler environments over the past decade. I am a born Texan and completed my BS in Environmental Science in Austin in 2015, then moved to Bellingham, Washington in 2017 to begin my MS in marine ecology in the Arellano Lab. I have now landed in Montréal, Québec where I am pursuing my PhD in Biology and trying not to freeze during the long Canadian winters.

I strongly believe that there is a place in science for everyone, but also that there can be many paths to the same destination. I am committed to using my broad range of skills and interests to offer the same sorts of facilitated introductions to science that my previous mentors offered me.

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