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Priorities for synthesis in ecology and environmental science

Benjamin S. Halpern, Carl Boettiger, Michael C. Dietze, Jessica A. Gephart, Patrick Gonzalez, Nancy B. Grimm, Peter M. Groffman, Jessica Gurevitch, Sarah E. Hobbie, Kimberly J. Komatsu, Kristy J. Kroeker, Heather J. Lahr, David M. Lodge, Christopher J. Lortie, Julie S. S. Lowndes, Fiorenza Micheli, Hugh P. Possingham, Mary H. Ruckelshaus, Courtney Scarborough, Chelsea L. Wood, Grace C. Wu ... Jake Lawlor ... (127 coauthors total)



Ten Simple Rules for Teaching Yourself R

Jake Lawlor, Francis Banville, Norma-Rocio Forero-Muñoz, Katherine Hébert, Juan Andrés Martínez-Lanfranco, Pierre Rogy, A.Andrew M. MacDonald

PLOS Computational Biology

Notes from the Past Show How Local Variability Can Stymie Urchins and the Rise of the Reds in the Gulf of Maine

Jarrett Edward Kaplan Byrnes, Andrea Brown, Kate Sheridan, Tianna Peller, Jake Lawlor, Julien Beaulieu, Jenny Muñoz, Amelia Hesketh, Alexis Pereira, Nicole S. Knight, Laura Super, Ellen K. Bledsoe, Joseph B. Burant, Jennifer A. Dijkstra, Kylla Benes



Temperature and salinity, not acidification, predict near-future larval growth and larval habitat suitability of Olympia oysters in the Salish Sea.

Jake Lawlor, Shawn Arellano

Scientific Reports

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